Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dead are dead, watch the rotting.

Well, what has happened with the Grateful Dead on the Internet Archive? The band has withdrawn permission for downloading soundboard recordings of their concerts. Why? Their take on it is the safeguarding of their intellectual property. Basically, they want to assert their rights to sell these live recordings, because the Dead are, well, dead. There are wives and children and grandchildren and investors and whatnot who want to protect their right to the profits from any soundboard recordings out there, even if these were arranged by people outside the band. For now audience tapes are not affected by this.
I feel pretty let down by all of this, as I really enjoyed downloading and listening to these recordings. I fear it won't be long before these folks start clamping down on audience recordings as well. I tell you what, I am not going to shell out cash for Grateful Dead Productions' mix CD's or pay for downloads on itunes. The band had something unique going, and now they have taken a giant step towards conformity with the dominant commercial culture of the day. As more and more of the old guard dies out or sells out, more of these moves will go down. In 20 years there will be nothing that sets this band apart from any other band. There certainly won't be any more live shows to give them any credibility. Anyway, this is the most I have written about anything on this site, and it is probably the most I will ever write. I will probably erase it later. That is about all I can say. Maybe I will become a Christina Aguilera fan.


Helen said...

Please reconsider your thoughts on Christina. (ha!)
I will no longer buy from GDM either nor will I spend a cent to see Ratdog but I WILL see/support Phil and Mickey. Now Bill, still waiting to hear from him. Disappointed that he has yet to make a statement on the issue. I think he is using his reputation as the quiet on to his advantage right now. I am surprised that more fans are not crying out for him to speak.

deadmike said...

Don't worry about me and the pop queens. I would need a lobotomy first. I agree about RatDog, why go see a guy who doesn't really like his fans:check this out:

Anyway, I have cooled out a bit over the whole thing. It is really too bad, especially for new fans like me. If I do not feed my dead habit, it might wither and die. Half the fun of the IA collection was the searching out of great material, and discovering themes running through the shows. At least the AUD's are still up,