Thursday, January 26, 2006


Ornidia obesa
Vero Beach FL
Another shiny Ornidia obesa. I cannot resist metallic insects. The only reason I do not have many Calliphorids is that they are so wary. Plus this particular syrphid is a lot prettier. It is also larger, allowing me to get better shots with easier focus.
So what can I say about these guys that hasn't already been said? Nothing. I know nothing about them except first-hand observations of their behaviour. Since I do not keep a field notebook, these will vanish into obscurity. Anyway, what I know about them is that they are big, heavy flies, and will weigh down a small flower such as Bidens alba (which is the best flower I have found for both pollen and nectar-feeding insects in this area. Hence, many of the shots I get are of the front of the fly's face. These guys are very similar to Copestylum mexicana , to which they are closely related.
Here is a link to what Bugguide has to say on the subject: (not much).

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thingfish23 said...

I'm a HUGE Bidens alba fan, and it is ubiquitous on our property. Despite the pesky "hitch-hiking" seeds, it remains a fave because of its across-the-board appeal to pollen-eaters.