Saturday, February 11, 2006

Grab Bag

Xylocopa micans, male.
Check it, yo'.
I had no real idea what it was I was seeing here, just that it was a Xylocopa, and it was pretty. Jeff Hollenbeck sugested it might be a X. micans male, so I looked it up. Sure enough that is what it seems to be. We have only 2 species in this genus in Florida, and this is the only one with a greenish-blue abdomen. I am quite pleased with this picture, and I hope to see some more of these soon.
Anyway, I am wondering what the heck the differrent colours are for. How do they mate? How long lived are the males? Where is my million dollars?
Vero Beach FL 2/11/06

Junonia evarete, The Mangrove Buckeye
Vero Beach FL

Xylocopa micans
Vero Beach FL 2/11/06

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