Thursday, February 02, 2006

Spring Fishfly

Chauliodes rastricornis
Vero beach FL
You little ripper! This is a Fishfly! These little beauties live in streams and otha fresh bodies of wata! Crikey! This lil bugga is tryin' a boit me!

(That is my best impression of Steve Irwin. Too bad I don't have audio. )
Anyway, isn't this male fishfly quite beautiful? I found him on a wall just above a nimber of antlion burrows, ao at first I thought that is what this was. I have yet to see a live adult antlion, but I have seen an Owlfly. Neuroptera are weird...

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thingfish23 said...

We have adult antlions aplenty here, but I have yet to see a fishfly. That close-up is a really good shot.

I have had the dult antlions nip me, by the way. It was a little bit surprising, but it didn't hurt.