Monday, March 20, 2006

Green Anole and Leucauge

Anolis carolinensis
Vero Beach FL
Right after this was taken, the anole grabbed the spider and took off into the bush. I suppose he was balancing out the reward (the spider) with the threat (me).


beetlecat said...

Just found your blog through Bugguide.
I like what you have here. Bugs, critters, flowers and even a comment on the Dead... what's not to like?
You really have some great pics. I like reading your comments on them too.

beetlecat said...

Oh yeah, forgot to ask if you mind my linking to ya?

deadmike said...

No trouble! I am just getting the hang of working this darn blog. As you can see, your comments have now appeared thanks to me finally realizing that I had blocked them!

beetlecat said...

HA! No problem. I thought you just didn't like me. ;-)
I added you to my blogroll. I really like your photos and I especially like it when you include common names of the critters, for dummies like me.