Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Couple introduced species

This being Delta rendalli, a Eumenine wasp originally from Africa, mon. It was found in Jamaica in 1979, and showed up in Dade (stay too long, you'll be dade*) County FL in 1981. I found this a couple weeks ago, and had it identified by Jim Wiley at FDACS in Gainesville. I guess he should have the specimen now, but it was positively ID'ed from the photo. It should be a new county record for St. Lucie.
On a related topic, I found another introduced species, this time a type of spider, caled Selenops submaculosus, introduced from the Bahamas, and previously recorded from Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties. It would look something like this one:

I just got the PDF of a notice that this too is a new county record (Indian River). Pretty cool. So if you live north of here, they are coming for you!

*More Dade expressions:
1)"We fry 'em gooood down hereabouts!"
2) "Get the coke, Tubbs!"
3)"Come on, shake your body baby,do the conga,
I know you can't control yourself any longa"


Timmy J. said...

That wasp doesn't fall under hymenoptera?

deadmike said...

Yes, it is order Hymenoptera, Family Vespidae, Subfamily Eumeninae, genus Delta rendalli.