Thursday, May 18, 2006

Feel the awesome power of the S2 IS!

I came into some money (Thanks to dad and the IRS) , so I finally got myself a better camera; the Canon Powershot S2 IS. This is Canon's long-zoom model (12X optical), so I am really excited to see what it can do.

The first thing is, macro is no problem. This camera can focus on something actually touching the lens. Here it is in UltraMacro with autofocus on a Honeybee.

This green anole is washed out, but it shows the macro capability and the camera (sort of).

Here is a Pierid in macro mode. Autofocus.

Here is a Gulf Fritillary in Macro...Just kidding! This is at full zoom, handheld!

And to my surprise, the zoom came in handy when I saw this rat. This shot is manually focused, with a nice feature the camera has that automatically brackets the shot with 2 more offset a specified distance, shooting at 2.4fps (by the way, this shot is my initial focus).
Any idea what species it is?
In summary I am pretty darn happy with this lovely new camera. What do y'all think?


thingfish23 said...

I think I f*cking hate you. That bee shot is AWESOME, deadmike.

I sure am glad we're friends and not photographic competitors of some sort.

Could there be a collaboration in our future? Hmmmm?

e_journeys said...

Fabulous shots! Cool effect with the anole, washed-out notwithstanding.

I'm still thrilled with the DiMAGE Z6 I picked up late September of last year. My first "good camera."

deadmike said...

TF23-What do you have in mind?