Friday, May 19, 2006

More S2 IS power!

Actenodes auronotata

Coluber constrictor
After taking these 2 shots, I realized that I had some file compression on. I was wondering why a 5MP camera would take a picture of only a meg or so. I have adjusted the compression accordingly, and now my 256MB card will give me 96 images or so. I think I will get another to supplement.


e_journeys said...

The default on my 6MP camera is 300 dpi. Most of what I post I've compressed to 72 dpi. I'm still learning the ropes here (if I sound like I'm talking through my rump, I probably am), but my understanding is that compression really comes into play when you're looking at the size of the print.

For example, I had 2 8x10 prints made of this shot: one at 72 dpi (in which it's posted), one at 300 dpi. They are virtually identical. A poster-sized print, on the other hand, would require more dpi.

Sometimes there are color considerations as well. I get distortion in the blue sky with a 72 dpi rainbow, and still a little, but not as much, with a 300 dpi upload of the same image.

I really think a gig card is the way to go, especially considering how much they've come down in price. It gives so many more degrees of freedom, especially when you're clicking away like crazy, looking for that "one shot."

deadmike said...

Yeah. I agree.
The thing about capturing the bigger files is it gives you thge ability to make nice prints if you so desire. When I go out taking oictures I never know what I might see. In addition, for some macro shooting, the bigger sizes allow you to crop, if that is what you need to do.