Sunday, May 07, 2006

Taming of the Plague Year '06

The following being a photographic account from my end of a joint expedition to Savannas Preserve SP with Thingfish23. This was only possible after assuring our significant others that neither one of us was a murderer or another woman (Which would be worse?).
The photos are presented in no particular order:

Pseudomyrmex. The only perfect Communists.

Some kind of Merocoris (Coreidae) gettin it on.

Lubber Nymph. Common as stink, and taste like crap, but ain't they pretty?

TF23 (the optimist) thought this might be a Water Bug. "Nah, it's an assassin" I told him, after he shook it off his hand. Probably would have hurt a bit more than a water bug had it bit. Then again without human subjects, how will we ever know?
Apiomerus spissipes, the Bee Assassin.

We're thinking Gray Hairstreak, but a rather drab specimen.

TF23 in action. Note intense concentration, essential when photographing subjects that move.

A spider found under a log.

Overall, tf23's visit was a fun time. I showed him around the ol' lab (which does smell like an elementary school with mold thrown in), and he gave me some pointers on cameras and life in general. With some reservations, I do pledge to document some of my thesis work to present to the public at large (if they are ready to have their worlds rocked).
Another thing I plan on doing is visiting the old band-aid. It was right interesting comparing notes on society in general, photography, lost souls in the woods, blogging, and Johnny Cash.
If you want to get a better accounting of the trip and see some better pictures from a different perspective, be sure to visit the band-aid yourself. I am sure the post will be up sooner than you think.

"Don't even act like I didn't get that donut. I got the proof right here!"


e_journeys said...

Came here via the band-aid. Love the shots!

Floridacracker said...

Same here, those are great.

Jenn said...

Me too - had to see the bee assassin to see if it looked like a bee or ate bees. The stripes are so cool!

Glitzy said...

Moseyed over from thingfish23's blog...awesome pictures!