Friday, July 07, 2006


Here is the eye of Sauron! Actually, it is just Osteopilus septentrionalis.
Fort Pierce FL

Mutilid, or Velvet Ant. Still havent tested the sting on these babies, but it is said to be wicked.
Pinelands Natural Area, St. Lucie County FL

Aedes albopictus ovipositing. A very pretty invasive species.
Vero Beach FL

Stiretrus anchorago
A stinkbug. A pretty stinkbug.
Fort Pierce FL

So, why title this post "Busy"? Well that describes how my life is, trying to complete my thesis, and finish my last class. I have one last (hopefully) experiment running, and then it is just analysis and writing. Should be done by December (actually the thesis needs to be done September, defended in October). Anyway, I guess I gotta get on providing that photo expedition through my project that tf23 asked me about during his visit. I won't promise it won't bore you, but I will try to keep it lively. The exciting world of insect geriatrics!
I will try to get that up and running starting Monday (bloodfeeding time)!

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thingfish23 said...

your bowl is showing in the eye. hee hee.

awesome photos, as always.