Friday, July 21, 2006

Video on the Plague Year!


thingfish23 said...

Okay, smcc - what is it? I see a comparatively large mosquito larva, I think... But what is the squirmy thing?

And when are you gonna come down for a visit?

deadmike said...

Squirmy thing? Not sure. This is just an Asian Tiger larva feeding on crud on the bottom of a vial. I just posted it for s+g, to see if it would work.
Visiting sounds good, but the whole summer has been crazy busy. I am finishing up my thesis, and it basically needs to be written by the 1st week of September. I should be able to manage a weekend around the end of August or early September I think, if that is cool with you. Right now I am in one of those modes where the work seems all-consuming. Lame. But neccessary if I want to get done.

thingfish23 said...

That's NOT lame.

Let me know when you're ready so I can forewarn the wife and make plans. It'd be best to come down on a weekend that I am not on-call, though I'll still give you that tour, of course!

e_journeys said...

Very cool! Good luck with all the crunching.